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Digital Recorders by OADE BROTHERS AUDIO

Marantz PMD-661MKII Solid State Recorder

PMD-661MKII 469.00 with free shipping in the 48 states !

The PMD-661MKII, on sale @ $469.00, features a computer I/O connection that allows it to be easily linked for easy file transfer. XLR Line & Phantom Powered microphone inputs, S/PDIF input and an easy to use menu system that allow you to concentrate on the job, not the recorder.

Marantz PMD-661MKII memory card Recorder

Based on the innovative design of the hugely popular PMD660, the rugged and robust Marantz PMD-661MKII incorporates a wide range of technical advances and convenience features that help it excel in virtually any application. Big enough to accommodate dual XLR microphones and light enough for handheld use, the PMD-661MKII offers exceptional recording quality in literally any location.
For critical field applications like electronic news gathering, sound capture on location and music recording, the PMD661MKII provides the audio precision of 24-bit, 96 kHz digital recording. Its exceptional resolution and file-based architecture makes it perfect for critical stereo recording of music and sound effects in the field, while true mono recording and lower bit rates make it equally appropriate for meetings, conferences, legal proceedings and podcasts. The ergonomic control panel, one-touch transport system and large, bright OLED display make it easy for both seasoned pros and first-tine users to record with confidence. This portable solid-state recorder uses readily available SD or SDHC media cards, and gets over five hours of operation from four AA alkalines.
From inputs to output, for recording, editing and playback, the Marantz PMD661MKII packs a wealth of functionality in a compact, ergonomic package. With full support for professional microphones, comprehensive record, playback and editing capabilities at a very reasonable price, the PMD661MKII puts the future of field recording in the palm of your hand.

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